1. PJJ

    What We Are Selling

    If you have ever been to our website before, you might notice a few changes. We have also been working on our first TV commercial. I was mentioning all this to some people at an event recently when I was asked by someone unfamiliar with our program "Whaddya selling?" That's...
  2. PJJ

    CST Home

    Learn to Trade From Experienced Chicago Floor Traders Let Us Turn You into a Professional Trader: The Chicago School of Trading LLC is dedicated to teaching our students how to be successful options traders in the Chicago Tradition. For generations, veteran traders have mentored new traders on a personal...
  3. PJJ

    Fat Finger Thursday

    Week of May 10, 2010 Since 1929 the market has been haunted by memories of "Black Tuesday". Now a new generation of traders and investors will be haunted by "Fat-Finger Thursday", the unprecedented 600+ point melt down and subsequent melt-back-up that all happened in a matter of minutes. It was...
  4. PJJ

    Buying and Selling POT

    Week of May 3, 2010 Last week it was reported that internal investigation revealed that several SEC employees spent most of their days watching internet porn. One senior attorney at the SEC spent an average of eight hours a day watching porn! That's dedication. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the SEC.
  5. PJJ

    Perverse and Inverse Relationships

    Week of April 26, 2010 Several times last year, this column criticized the SEC for sitting on their hands while the evidence in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme was staring them right in the face. Well last week it was reported that internal investigation revealed that several SEC employees spent...
  6. PJJ

    Jump on the Bandwagon

    Week of April 19, 2010 Unless you were in a cave since Friday, you must have heard about the big news about Goldman Sach's problems with the SEC involving their sale of collateralized debt options (CDO) allegedly designed by one customer to fail and then sold by Goldman to other...
  7. PJJ

    Another Week, Another Pharmaceutical Play

    Week of April 12, 2010 If it's Monday, CST's Options Director Dan Keegan must have another Pharmaceutical play. It could be because his Father was a doctor, or maybe it's because the pharmaceutical sector is where all the volatility is, but Dan has been finding volatility with the VIX at...
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